Mobile Game


Opikapi is a mobile virtual pet game developed in the sixth semester of game design.



– Customizable Pet
– Local Weather
– Lots of pet interaction

OPIKAPI is our take on mobile pet games and how they should be. No more forced nursing, no obnoxious notifications – just giving and receiving love and affection. The ‘pet’ resembles a living plushie more than a real pet that needs to be fed, washed and nursed.

With a personalized stylized look, we tried to bring out the best of the genre and game.

Whether on your way to work or home, or while taking a short break, your virtual pet plushie is always there for you to destress – Play with it, give it snacks or just have a little pet session and it’ll return even more love than it received! In a cozy and comfortable environment, you surely will be able to relax. But if you don’t have time to visit and play, that’s fine too! Just come whenever you feel like playing or when you need it!


  • Type of project: Virtual pet game
  • Context: Study
  • Position: Mobile game
  • My tasks: Game System Design, Sound, FX, Programming, Character Production
  • Software used: Unity, Visual Studio, Adobe Audition, Cinema 4D
  • How many teammates: Five, including me
  • Production time: Three months
  • Date: Mid 2019
  • Status: Prototype

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