Online Idle Game

Twitch Idle Miner

The Twitch Idle Miner is a Idle game controlled by Twitch chat.


The basic game principle is the management of production rates and their costs. Initially, production exceeds the costs for rapid growth, while later the costs become unaffordable. This is because the costs grow exponentially, while production grows linearly or polynomially.

The idle game consists of the following components:

  • Primary currency: This is the main number that increases, and its increase is the goal of the game. Usually, it is some form of money.
  • Generator: The items in the game that produce the primary currency. The production rate or income is measured in currency per second.
  • Exchange currency: In some cases, generators produce another currency that is exchanged for the primary currency. In Clicker Heroes, for example, generators produce DPS, which is then converted into gold by killing monsters. This separation level can give you a bit more control over the growth of the main currency in the game since you can change the “exchange rate” over time.
  • Multiplier: Upgrades that multiply your generator’s performance. These can be explicit upgrades based on the number of generators, etc. Their purpose is to bring production (temporarily) closer to the cost of a new generator.
  • Prestige: A reset of most elements of the game (especially generators and multipliers), but gaining currency (prestige currency) and/or persistent multipliers to accelerate the next time. Similar to a “New Game+”.



  • Type of project: Twitch Idle Game
  • Context: University (Master)
  • Position: All
  • My tasks: Programming, Game Design
  • Software used: Unity, Photoshop
  • How many teammates: Only me
  • Production time: Two weeks
  • Date: Late 2021
  • Status: Prototype

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