VR Game

The Board Game

The Board Game is a VR game in a spooky Fun fair Setting. As controller you use a wooden Board.


The Board Game is a VR game. The player can interact with the VR space with a wooden board that has a VR equivalent. The goal is to help the little monsters to find the target zone.

my Assets

Mouth drawer

The drawer will bite into your board, so you can pull on it to open it.

Candy Dispenser

Push the lever with the board to drop a piece of sweet meat on you board.


The player can shoot the little monsters with a cannon.

Sweet Meat

The player can place the meat to attract the little monsters.

Wooden box


The Team


  • Type of project: Video game
  • Context: Study
  • Position: VR Game
  • My tasks: Game System Design, 3D Assets, Sound, UX Design, Programming
  • Software used: Unity, Visual Studio, Cinema 4D, Maya, Substance Painter
  • How many teammates: Six, including me
  • Production time: Three months
  • Date: Mid 2018
  • Status: Finalised
  • Coaches: Prof. Susanne Brandhorst, Prof. Thomas Bremer (HTW Berlin)

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