2D Game

Nim Nam

Nim Nam is a 2D Platformer on PC developed in the second semester of Game Design study.


Step into the world of Niams and turn into a happy, little creature to start the adventure. Navigate through many different levels to reunite your Niam-Friends in a glass. But be careful! 

Hostile conspecifics, which will try to eat you, lurk on the way to your destiny. The only chance to pass them is by using your wits to outsmart them.  Transformators are throughout the level and will allow you to switch color or size with your enemies. Depending on your color and size you can pass through barriers and turn enemies from hunters into prey. So carefully think about your next move and always keep in mind what effect you have on your enemies. 

Get ready to start jumping and rolling through the level. 


Enemies eat you when you are small.
Color Switch
If a diffrently colored enemy is within the radius, color can be exchanged.
Colored Barriers
Same colored barriers can be passed. Differently colored barriers can not be passed.
Size Switch
If a diffrently sized enemy is within the radius, size can be exchanged.



  • Type of project: Video game
  • Context: Study
  • Position: 2D Game
  • My tasks: Game System Design, Sound, FX, Programming
  • Software used: Unity, Visual Studio, Adobe Audition, Photoshop
  • How many teammates: Three, including me
  • Production time: Three months
  • Date: Mid 2017
  • Status: Prototype
  • Coaches: Prof. Susanne Brandhorst, Prof. Thomas Bremer (HTW Berlin)

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